ProjectOne is an online learning platform that uses AI to help students navigate related contextual knowledge, starting out with AP Calculus and SAT Prep.

Their CEO came to me when they needed to train a team to build their second product. 

I worked with the founding team to plan the app architecture, wireframes, API definition, and project the timeline to build the app based on the project scope, team, and available resources. 

Working with React

We decided to build a React app, for scaleability and code reuse, using React-Boilerplate an opinionated template that has set up libraries for the view, controller, networking, asynchronous calls, state, and testing.

The biggest challenge was the large learning curve of react and its toolchain. I scoured the web to find the most concise yet comprehensive tutorials and resources for all the libraries involved.

Our team of 5 developers took a little longer than planned to learn everything. This should have been expected because of how many pieces there were. 

Preparing for Launch

Luckily, the learning paid off and we were able to keep pace with the estimate while we had all the team members working on the product.Within 2 months we were able to complete the first version of the UI, the complete networking layer, and connect it to the mock server.

While the development team worked, I also coordinated with the CEO and the lead designer to produce updated designs to improve the UI and branding of the app. 

After the app was completed it was used in a high school in PA, to help their AP Calculus class, during ProjectOne’s pilot.