Self.Made App

Self.Made is a crowdfunding company. When I met their CTO, they needed a full-stack engineer to polish up a hybrid mobile app, that 2 previous contractors had been working on, one on the frontend, one on the backend.

After my first look at the project we determined there was more to be done on the fronted than anticipated.

From Front-End to Ops

The UI and the business logic were developed separately. And although the UI was complete, the logic built on the frontend, did not accurately mirror what the backend engineer had built.

After reworking most of the front-end behind the scenes I began to uncover the issues that were left in the backend. A lot of which also had more to do with how the app was deployed than with the code.

After a little refactoring in Django, and a lot of messing with the server, I finally had an app and an API that could talk to each other fluently.
Once we had something that was technically working, I built the app for testflight to be pushed to our private beta testers. Feedback from them, pointed me in the direction of the remaining major bugs in this version of the app.

I also reworked the startup pitch video page to be an interactive fullscreen experience before release.