Case Studies

Here you will find case studies on client work I’ve done for startups, throughout the past couple of years. Much of the work, including functional prototypes, client-specific demos, pilots, or internal tooling is no longer publicly available in the wild. But here you can still see the details of the background, constraints, process, and outcomes for each project. This should give you an idea of what working with me is like, and the value I can deliver on.

If you would rather see live projects and code check out my projects page instead.


êoko is a social engagement company that helps organizations by making their users feel more connected through low key hangouts and events.

Their app facilitates this by letting users share what they are doing and invite friends in their workplace, incubator, school, or building.

Self.Made App

Self.Made is a crowdfunding app where startups can pitch their ideas and get funded.
I took the mobile app version of self made and polished it up for a private beta, integrating the parts that had been developed, adding interactivity, and then later building and deploying through TestFlight.


LawDecoder is a web app that helps people learn about their legal  problems and connects them with lawyers and legal service providers that can solve them. At LawDecoder I was the technical lead and then briefly head of growth. I helped migrate their product to a scaleable platform, and set up a data-driven growth team.


FashionBuddy is an app for getting feedback on your outfits that helps stores provide a better omni-channel customer experience and sell more. I worked with the founder to complete customer discovery, user experience research,  develop early prototypes, and launch their MVP as a progressive web app (PWA) and later as a native app.


ProjectOne is an online learning platform that uses AI to help students navigate related contextual knowledge, starting out with AP Calculus and SAT Prep. The founding team reached out to me to train and manage their development team while building their second product in React.

Orai Sales App

Orai is a public speaking training app that has released consumer and enterprise products. While working on generating enterprise sales, the tech team at Orai reached out to me to help them hit a presentation deadline. I worked with their CTO to select the most feasible technology to create the demo app, and was able to build it in the two and a half day timespan available.

Teamtrics MVP

Teamtrics is an app that helps groups form more intelligently with their AI guru, Wanzeru. I began working with them during the early stages of customer development, to create prototype Progressive Web App (PWA) that could be released and tested in classrooms to collect data and provide UX insights without having to invest in building and publishing through Apple or Google.

Recruiting App – Drexel College of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Studies

I worked with a team of 5 students to help the Drexel College of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Studies design and build an interactive brochure experience to use at recruiting fairs and events. I managed the design and development teams to successfully deliver on client expectations while architecting around technical limits in place from existing infrastructure.

align: The Entrepreneur Compass

align (lowercase “a” intended) is an iOS App that helps startup founders find the resources, mentors, and cofounders they need to succeed. It lets users search for other entrepreneurs with complementary skill sets, matches people with other entrepreneurs near them, and has a directory of startups, incubators, accelerators, and venture funds in the area.