Live Projects

Here you can see side projects and client projects I have worked on that are either live or open source. This means you can see the product itself or at least the code to get an idea of what my work is like. This list doesn’t include most of the biggest projects I’ve done, but it does include the clearest examples that can be inspected in detail.

If you want to know about how I built and delivered on bigger, proprietary projects, check out my case studies instead.

Decode by LawDecoder

LawDecoder is a web app that helps people learn about their legal  problems and connects them with lawyers and legal service providers that can solve them. At LawDecoder I was the technical lead and then briefly head of growth. I helped migrate their product to a scaleable platform, and set up a data-driven growth team.

Punch Dude

Punch Dude is a side scrolling hack and slash game that I made with phaser. I built the game using tile maps and sprite animations using the tiled editor, a little bit of javascript and some sprites from The main character has to punch his way through a hilly landscape of spiked baddies to make it to the tree of life at the bottom of the last valley.

Interactive Poster

This is an interactive poster I made based on concert posters for Kendrick Lamar’s album Good Kid, MAAD City. The poster uses responsive design and SVG animation to scale down for tablets and mobile, and let users interact with it as it comes to life. (try clicking the face!)

Minyo VR

MinyoVR is a 360 degree experience I created to learn about building VR for the web using A-Frame. Minyo takes you back to a hilltop temple in feudal Japan with a exquisite Buddha model (from emanating a ball of energy.

The Real “Hello World” of Web App Development

In order to finish learning React from scratch in under a week, I decided to make a to-do list app. But unlike your regular to do list, this one – built with React Boilerplate – comes not only with CRUD, but also unit testing, and 100% test coverage. If you’re making a web app this is the most basic app that covers everything you need for enterprise level production.

Space Game

This is a game I made with a team of four at a hackathon. I figured out how to use Firebase to make the game multiplayer. We later ported the code and polished the graphics and mechanics.

The Full Stack Entrepreneur’s Guide to Design Thinking

To properly culminate my degree in technology entrepreneurship, I used my skills as a developer, designer, and marketer to launch an eBook. For this project I wrote a short ebook on design thinking for entrepreneurs, and promoted it on a website of my own also designing and building my own basic AB testing software on top of Firebase and Google Analytics.