Orai Sales App

Orai is a public speaking training app that has released consumer and enterprise products.

I began working with Orai right after a contractor of theirs got stuck while trying to create an application for them to demo to an enterprise client.

With only 3 days until the demo, I worked with the CTO to determine whether to continue trying to debug the issue in their codebase or circumvent it by rebuilding the app in Cordova using a different plugin for microphone playback. 

Because we weren’t sure the bug could be fixed without diving into the React core, and my experience building Angular apps quickly, we decided it would be best for me to rebuild the app from scratch.

Listening for the Bug

The first thing I did was confirm that that the Cordova microphone plugin did not have the same issue as react. 

Once I got playback working I rushed to get the rest of the pages and networking calls working. 

The last thing to do was to get the real time audio streaming to the server working.

The night before the demo, while polishing up some of the more complex UI elements, I also stayed up with the CTO to debug the communication in both the server and the app.

We finished with about half a day to spare and Orai’s CTO, Danish Dhamani, was able to present successfully to the client 12 hours later.